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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices so low?
Our products are Unauthorised Authentic (UA). This means that they are made with the same materials and in the same factories as all other original products from the retail brands. They are just sold by someone other than the retail company. We offer lower prices due to the fact that we do not get our stock from the retail company. Major retail companies do not stick to the same factories to produce their products. They assign a certain number of products for each factory to produce. The thing about all these factories is that they produce a lot more than they are supposed to. So, for example if they were supposed to produce 50,000 pairs of shoes. They will produce 20,000 to 30,000 extra pairs, sometimes even an extra 50,000 pairs. Reason being is that they need these extra pairs to replace the rejected pairs after they fail to pass quality inspection. When the company get their 50,000 pairs, they move production to another factory to produce the same pairs of shoes again. The 20,000 to 30,000 pairs that get left behind in the old factory were either rejected or did not even get inspected for quality because the company has already reached their quota for that factory. These are the pairs we refer to as unauthorised authentic. They can be scanned for authentication too.
How long does delivery take?
Delivery times vary depending on the country being delivered to but expect your product to be delivered within 7-20 working days. Every product we sell is inspected in great detail to make sure that they are perfect before they are sent out to you.
I am after a particular model but cannot find it on your website, can you get them?
Since we are slowly rolling out our website, not all of our inventory will immediately be present. Please DM us on Instagram (@OfficialCKickz) if you can't find what you're after on our website.
How do I track my order?
You can track your order here on our website using the 'Track Your Order' section. Alternatively you can enter your tracking number here at We do tend to ship products separately as it does speed things up, if this is the case for your order you will receive multiple tracking codes.
What are your return and cancellation policies?
Returns: We are only able to accept returns in the event of an unnoticed manufacturing defect, this is very unlikely as each product we sell undergoes a rigorous quality inspection before getting shipped out. In this instance, the buyer would need to pay the cost of return shipping to London, UK, after which a refund or replacement will be provided. Returns will only be accepted for items in new and unworn condition. Please note: We do not accept returns for wrong sizes ordered. Cancellations: If you decide to cancel your order, there is a grace period of 24 hours after ordering. We unfortunately cannot accept cancellations if contacted after this 24 hour window. This is due to the fact that your order will have already been processed.

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